Agroecology in Villalba

“Villalba regenerates itself starting from agroecology and begins a new territorial narrative”.
The regeneration process of the territory of Villalba (CL) began in 2023 with the territorial marketing project proposed by Rossana Danile who, for “The new narrative of Villalba”, identified the need to aim for the agricultural model based on the principles of agroecology to be applied for the cultivation of typical local agricultural products: Villalba lentil, Siccagno tomato, wheat. The project aims to enhance the agricultural, environmental and landscape culture of the town of Villalba and the possibility of attracting new slow travelers with the aim of positioning Villalba among the slow destinations of the Sicilian hinterland.
The main objective of the meeting on Wednesday 29 May is to illustrate the importance of the Villalba lentil, and of agricultural production, as a tool for cultural rebirth and therefore the need to strengthen its role as an agroecological ambassador in the world.
From these fundamental actions will follow the creation of a territorial Brand Identity capable of connecting the identified strengths and overcoming the critical issues that for too long have blocked the regeneration of a territory that can boast an important agricultural heritage full of stories of resilience and love for the earth.

The valorisation of the ancient agricultural production of Villalbese and its new narrative, in compliance with the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 which in Europe find application with the Green Deal, Farm to Fork and, in Sicily, with the new Regional Law 21 of 2021 on agroecology, can help promote the renewed identity of the local community, making the lentil, the siccagno tomato, the wheat, not only foods but also elements of social cohesion, sustainable economic development and tourist attraction.
Villalba has the right ingredients to prepare the menu of rebirth, the agri-food products, the peasant culture, the natural landscape and the healthy air. Ingredients that respond to the ever-increasing trend of slow tourism. What is still missing is the “Villalba product”, a territorial brand to guarantee what will be structured to welcome travellers, in an organised, comfortable, welcoming and coherent way.
A territorial brand that respects the needs of everyone and at all levels: from the soil, to the topsoil, to the ecological and social balances. A shared well-being no longer based on ideologies of indefinite development and without any future.
For this latter awareness, the upcoming activities will be important to explore the potential of the lentil as a tool for shared well-being, for cultural valorisation of the territory and as a local specialty around which to structure tourist reception activities, entertainment and promotional events.

Rossana Danile

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