Meeting 14 June 2024

June 14, 2024 is the date of the meeting between some members of the Italian Association of Agroecology (AIDA) and the Sicily Agroecology Coordination.
The event will be in the Aula Magna «G.P. Ballatore» – SAAF Department Palermo, Via delle Scienze, Building 4.
The meeting aims to explore and develop the following themes:
– L.R. 21 of 20 July 2021 of the Sicilian Region on agroecology;
– Issue of the Regional Law Decree 21 and rewards in PSP tenders;
– State of the art of agroecology regulations at national level;
– Future collaborations.
The meeting, open to all, is also a first official meeting for the planning of the 1st Agroecology Congress of Agrigento in 2025.

Dalla Sicilia la prima legge sull’agroecologia

The meeting, which will be attended, among others, by Dario Cartabellotta, General Manager of the Agriculture Department of the Sicilian Region, aims to prepare a common basis on which to develop future Italian and European agricultural policies, also through the involvement of Agroecology Europe, of which the Sicily Agroecology Coordination is a member.
The round table will obviously also focus on L.R. 21 of 20 July 2021 of the Sicilian Region on agroecology, on the issuing of the Decree of the same and on the rewards in the PSP tenders, on the state of the art of the regulations on agroecology at a national level with a prospective eye on future collaborations and synergies.
Collaborations and synergies that have already been activated in the organization of the 1st Mediterranean Agroecology Congress which will be held in Agrigento in 2025 and which will involve the 23 countries bordering the Mediterranean basin in order to identify common scientific, technical and political paths .
The Mediterranean Congress also aims to twin with the Agroecology Conference to be held in Malmö, Sweden, in October 2025.
A great commitment and responsibility to promote a new awareness that can speed up the evolution of national and international policies towards agroecology, the only viable frontier for an integral ecology.
To connect to the live broadcast, access via the following link: or the QR code below:

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