Guidelines for the biological control of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love the warm and humid climate and the progressive increase in temperature due to climate change means that they find increasingly favorable conditions in our country. The settlement of these insects in large cities and not only in “traditional” territories such as the countryside, their ability to reproduce in a very short time and to move in flight even for 10-15 kilometres, heated homes, increase the risk for humans and animals and favor their nesting, allowing them to sting even in winter. For this reason, prevention and monitoring actions are important.
It should be remembered that the diffusion of large quantities of synthetic chemical substances, and the consequent contamination of ecosystems, has drastically reduced the populations of mosquito predators (bats, insectivorous birds, dragonflies, geckos, etc.) with the paradoxical result of an ever greater presence of mosquitoes and other annoying parasites.
Continuous treatments with synthetic products are generating a boomerang effect with often devastating effects on entire habitats, on their biocoenoses, on the presence of predator populations and also with damage to human health.
The ultimate effect is that the more we go in this direction, the more fragile the ecosystems become and the more difficult the fight against mosquitoes becomes.
The attached document contains a correct indication of the fight against mosquitoes, starting from the monitoring and prevention methods and the criteria to be adopted in public and private places.
These guidelines should be adopted by all public administrations to protect human health and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Treatments with synthetic products, as mentioned, in addition to being harmful to the health of humans and domestic animals, have a negative impact on fauna and natural predators, favoring mosquito populations in the short-medium term.

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