Guidelines for the biological control of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love the warm and humid climate and the progressive increase in temperature due to climate change means that they find increasingly favorable conditions in our country. The settlement of these insects in large cities and not only in “traditional” territories such as the countryside, their ability to […]

Note on Request for Removal of Agriculture Department General Manager

The recent motion presented by some regional deputies of the ARS, calling for the removal of the general manager of the Department of Agriculture, Dario Cartabellotta, with reference to the provision on green harvesting (Call for admission to PNS Wine funding, Measure ” Green Harvest”, 2023/2024 campaign, drawn […]

Meeting 14 June 2024

June 14, 2024 is the date of the meeting between some members of the Italian Association of Agroecology (AIDA) and the Sicily Agroecology Coordination. The event will be in the Aula Magna «G.P. Ballatore» – SAAF Department Palermo, Via delle Scienze, Building 4. The meeting aims to explore […]

Agroecology in Villalba

“Villalba regenerates itself starting from agroecology and begins a new territorial narrative”. The regeneration process of the territory of Villalba (CL) began in 2023 with the territorial marketing project proposed by Rossana Danile who, for “The new narrative of Villalba”, identified the need to aim for the agricultural […]

History of Sicily Agroecology Coordination

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination was born in 2017, following various meetings also held at the Sicilian Regional Assembly, in which it was deemed appropriate to give a decisive turning point to the Sicilian agricultural system. The project, wanted by the ARS deputy Valentina Palmeri, began with the meeting […]

Sicilian Region Agroecology Law

The Agroecology Coordination of Sicily has produced, starting from 2017, a series of meetings, conferences and documents which subsequently led the Regional Assembly of Sicily to the discussion of some bills and, finally, to the issuing of the Regional Law. 29 July 2021, n. 21 (qui la gazzetta ufficiale), […]

Rural Energy Plan

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination is the protagonist of the Proposal for a Rural Energy Plan (PERAS), in order to safeguard the Sicilian agricultural area and to allow the correct application of the Directive “The 2030 climate and energy framework”. The proposal aims to avoid the subtraction of Sicilian […]

Virtuous policies – proposal for Horizon 2020

The work carried out by the Agroecology Coordination, in particular for the proposal of the Rural Energy Plan of Sicily and the path that led to the law on Agroecology of the Sicilian Region and the subsequent implementation steps, was taken as an example and model of virtuous […]

Measures in the fight against mosquitoes

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination has also played an important role against the indiscriminate use of pesticides, also in the fight against mosquitoes in urban environments. In fact, to combat the excessive presence of mosquitoes, public administrations, private companies and individual citizens often carry out repeated pesticide interventions, pouring […]

Bill No. 2213

The Agroecology Coordination also collaborated on the Legislative Decree No. 2213 of 11 May 2021, regarding “Provisions for the support of agroecology and for the protection of the agricultural, forestry and rural sectors”. The Bill, first signed by Senator Fabrizio Trentacoste, synchronously retraces the Regional Law. 21/2021 of […]