5 x 1000

The 5 per thousand is a share of the IRPEF that the State distributes upon indication of the citizen-taxpayers at the time of the tax return and intended for non-profit organizations registered in the Revenue Agency lists.
The Agroecology Coordination Sicily is a Volunteer Organization that deals with the dissemination, assistance and promotion of agroecology and ecological and environmental protection in order to speed up the ecological and agroecological transition at all levels.
The members of the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination were the promoters of the Sicilian Region Law on agroecology (L.R. 21 of 29 July 2021), of other proposals and interventions on the subject and are committed every day at a scientific, technical and regulatory level to involve citizens and institutions.
By allocating 5 x 1000 to the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination, you contribute to improving sensitivity, competence in the field and the related rules for a more rapid change in the agroecological, agri-food, ecological and social systems of our land.

You can allocate your 5 per thousand in your tax return to the Sicily Agroecology Coordination. Simply place your signature in one of the seven boxes appearing on the declaration forms and write the tax code of the specific entity chosen.

Sicily Agroecology Coordination Tax Code: 93091340849

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