For information write to:
Sicily Agroecology Coordination
Registered office: Agrigento (AG) 92100, via Santa Sofia, 27.

How to become members of the Sicily Agroecology Coordination:
The Association is open to all those who, pursuant to art. 7 of proprio Statuto, they share the objectives and, moved by a spirit of solidarity, they concretely commit themselves to achieving them, after having read and shared the statute.
The members are divided into the following categories: founders, ordinary, honorary.
Founding members are those who founded the Association by signing the articles of association.
Ordinary members are those who, sharing the aims of the Association, work to achieve them.
Admission to the Association is decided by the Board of Directors upon request of the interested party. The resolution is communicated to the interested party and the registration is noted in the members’ register, with simultaneous payment of the membership fee.
In the case of applications for admission to membership presented by minors, they must be signed by the person holding the authority.
For any other information you can read the present Statute.
The registration fee due by those who join the association is determined, for the current year 2023, pursuant to art. 7 of the Statute, in the amount of thirty euros (€30.00), for the quality of ordinary member, and fifty euros (€50.00) for the quality of supporting member.

Download the application for registration to the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination here, fill it in and also attach a copy of a valid identity document and tax code, sending everything to the e-mail address: