Member of Agroecology Europe

The Sicily Agroecology Coordination, from May 2024, is a member of Agroecology Europe: The European Association for Agroecology.
Agroecology Europe is a European association that aims to promote agroecology; was created on January 27, 2016 in Graux Estate, Belgium, by 19 founders from 10 countries.
Agroecology Europe aims to place agroecology at the top of the European agenda for sustainable agriculture and food systems, promoting interaction and knowledge sharing to create an inclusive European community of professionals, operators and social stakeholders in the field of agroecology.
The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination, based on its experience, on the work done from 2017 to today, both with the issuing of the L.R. 21 of 29 July 2021 of the Sicilian Region which, with the multiple scientific, technical and legislative activities aimed at supporting the agroecological transition in Sicily and, more extensively, in the Mediterranean area, sets identical objectives.
Together they aim to support agroecological research, education and training, share and disseminate agroecological knowledge and promote agroecology in the agricultural and food sectors and in society.

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