Note on Request for Removal of Agriculture Department General Manager

The recent motion presented by some regional deputies of the ARS, calling for the removal of the general manager of the Department of Agriculture, Dario Cartabellotta, with reference to the provision on green harvesting (Call for admission to PNS Wine funding, Measure ” Green Harvest”, 2023/2024 campaign, drawn […]

Virtuous policies – proposal for Horizon 2020

The work carried out by the Agroecology Coordination, in particular for the proposal of the Rural Energy Plan of Sicily and the path that led to the law on Agroecology of the Sicilian Region and the subsequent implementation steps, was taken as an example and model of virtuous […]

How to protect Sicily’s immense biodiversity

The land of Sicily is probably one of the most unique and rare places that exists in the world and, almost always, those who were born there and live there do not realize it. This awareness, unfortunately, is rarer than one might think and only a few people, […]

L.R. Guidelines 21 of 2021 – Agroecology

The Sicily Agroecology Coordination is the working group that, since 2017, has followed and developed the text of the Legislative Decree no. 533 of 02 April 2019 – XVII Legislature of the Sicilian Region on: “Actions to defend health, the ecosystem, biodiversity and the quality of Sicilian agricultural […]

Official document on fires

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination is the spontaneous movement, made up of associations, bodies, researchers, sector professionals and ordinary citizens, which since 2017 has addressed issues related to the agro-forestry-pastoral world, in order to contribute to a substantial revision of these systems, both from an ecological and social point […]