Welcome to the official website of the Agroecology Coordination of Sicily

The Association’s ultimate aim is the promotion of agroecology, at a regional, national and European level, as well as the protection of biodiversity, habitats and natural resources.
As is known, agroecology is a science which, through the study of ecosystems, designs agroecosystems, i.e. models where a set of practices converge to cultivate and produce in a more sustainable way, movements for the transformation of food systems.
Agroecology is therefore based on a systemic, holistic, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach. With this approach, agroecology favors complementarity and interaction between the different functional organisms and the different activities of the farm, promoting the recycling of energy and nutrients, with reduction of external inputs and the use of substances harmful to human health and the water-soil-air system.
Furthermore, agroecology promotes crop diversification, the integration between crops and livestock and the creation of agricultural landscapes that respect the identity of the habitats and species useful for agricultural activity.
Finally, agroecology promotes an agri-food system with local supply chains and networks of relationships that guarantee fair compensation for the parties involved and with particular attention to the relationship between food, territory and culture.