Court of Auditors of Palermo complaint

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination has prepared a Appeal, to the Court of Auditors of Palermo, for the failure (to date) by the Councilor for Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries to prepare the implementing decree of the Regional Law. 21 of 29 July 2021, concerning: “Provisions regarding agroecology, the protection of biodiversity and Sicilian agricultural products and technological innovation in agriculture. Rules regarding maritime state concessions.”
The motivation for the complaint arises from the consideration that failure to apply the rule in question causes significant damage, not only in strictly ecological and environmental terms but also, and above all, for its economic consequences.
It is known, in fact, that biodiversity represents for the entire community not only a source of well-being for its ecological services but also in terms of economic return.
At a global level, according to a recent estimate by the World Bank, biodiversity and ecosystems provide human beings with services worth an estimated 72 trillion dollars every year. In the same year, global GDP did not go beyond 64.7 trillion.
In Sicily, according to estimates published in specialized magazines, the implementation of the Agroecology Law, assuming that 10% of the island’s companies comply with the law, would lead to the planting of over 5,500,000 native trees, with clear returns in terms of CO2 absorbed and additional income for agricultural companies.
According to another estimate, assuming that 10% of the island’s companies join the production of renewable energy, according to the criteria of the Agroecology Law, 83% of the regional needs could be covered (according to the energy production methods renewables already clarified, with a note sent to the Ministries and which will therefore be included in the decree referred to in paragraph 6 of art. 7.).

Corte dei Conti di Palermo

Thus Sicily, which had moved ahead of all European regions in applying the Green Deal, risks an inexplicable delay with all the ecological and economic consequences.
In fact, the complaint not only sets out the fiscal damages due to the drafting and issuing of the law (deputies, consultants, offices, etc.) but also those of the failure to implement it.
In fact, the law would also allow, within the next PSP (Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan 2023-2027), the promotion of agroecological companies and therefore production and distribution models that are significantly more efficient from both an ecological and economic point of view.
We remind you that the law is part of the broader strategy of Agenda 2030 and, at European level, of the Green Deal, to enable the ecological transition towards 2030.
In this way, the Sicilian Region also risks incurring further EU sanctions (which would be added to the others) with a further increase in the regional budget.
Ultimately, considerable damage, both in ecological, energy and income terms, caused by the inexplicable delay with which the Councilors on duty, as of 2021, have not yet signed a decree, already ready and ratified by the competent table of the Department of Agriculture and of which, now, the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination requests the authoritative ruling of the Court of Auditors of Palermo.

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