1st Congress of Mediterranean Agroecology

The Agroecology Coordination Council, at its meeting on 5 February 2024, approved the organization of the 1st Congress of Mediterranean Agroecology.
The Congress is an event organized with the Italian Association of Agroforestry (AIAF) and the Italian Association of Agroecology (AIDA).
The choice of the venue for the Congress, which will be held in 2025, fell on the city of Agrigento (City of Culture 2025).
The Congress represents the first ever event of a meeting of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the topic of agroecology. It will involve the 23 countries of the Mediterranean basin: Gibraltar, Spain, France, Principality of Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria , Morocco, island-state of Malta and Cyprus.
The event is scheduled, approximately, for the month of May 2025 and will be organized not only by the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination, but also with the collaboration of other bodies and organizations that, in various capacities, deal with the topic.
The Congress will be a technical-scientific event where all issues relating to agroecology will be addressed: from research, to the transfer and sharing of knowledge, to international, national and local policies, up to the involvement of farmers, technicians and workers. of the system and citizens.
Through this new holistic approach we will try to lay the foundations for an integral ecology of the Mediterranean Peoples; necessary tool to give birth to an era of dialogues and policies fundamental for a fertile coexistence.
The conference theme will be agroecology, with particular reference to the activation of the following themes:
– circular economy;
– food sovereignty;
– protection of agricultural and natural biodiversity;
– renewable energy and self-production.
Researchers, stakeholders and political actors from the countries involved will participate in the Congress.
The organization of the Congress is handled by a Scientific Committee and from a Organizing Committee.
The objective is to implement a process of sharing and continuous involvement between the parties to speed up the transition of the socioeconomic system.
In fact, agroecology represents, for all humanity, that new model of coexistence between all living beings on the planet, on which to build a future of real well-being.

Guido Bissanti

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