Meeting with the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of Agrigento

On 13 December 2021, the meeting entitled: “From Agenda 2030 to the Sicilian Law 21/2021 on agroecology” was held in Agrigento.
During the meeting, institutional representatives and sector experts met.
The meeting, organized by the Sicily Agroecology Coordination, and also promoted by the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the province of Agrigento (Odaf), by the Fai – Giardino della Kolymbethra, by the “Do the right thing Sicily” committee, by the Park archaeological museum of the Valley of the Temples and by the regional Department of Agriculture, was held at the “Griffo” archaeological museum.
After the greetings of the Odaf president Maria Giovanna Mangione, the president of the Odaf regional Federation Piero Lo Nigro and the director of the Provincial Agriculture Inspectorate of Agrigento Luigi Vella, Alessandra Vaccaro (CREA Technologist), Giovanni Dara Guccione (CREA Researcher) spoke. and Guido Bissanti, of the Agroecology and Organic Agriculture Working Group of the Regional Agriculture Department.
This was followed by a round table with the theme: “Towards the energy transition” which was moderated by Giovanni Dara Guccione. Also participating were Giuseppe Notarstefano, professor of economic statistics at the Palermo branch of Lumsa University, Antonino Lo Bello, president of the “Do the right thing! Sicily” and Giuseppe Lo Pilato, director of the Kolymbethra Garden.
At the end of the first part, the contributions of the regional and national institutional proponents for the drafting of new laws on agroecology were heard: the Honorable Valentina Palmeri, vice president of the IV commission at the Ars and Senator Fabrizio Trentacoste, member of the ninth commission , “Agriculture and agri-food production” in the Senate.

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