Bill No. 2213

The Agroecology Coordination also collaborated on the Legislative Decree No. 2213 of 11 May 2021, regarding “Provisions for the support of agroecology and for the protection of the agricultural, forestry and rural sectors”.
The Bill, first signed by Senator Fabrizio Trentacoste, synchronously retraces the Regional Law. 21/2021 of the Sicilian Region, on the subject of agroecology and also proposes the objective, anticipating the Nature Restoration Law of the European Union of 2023, of drastically reducing the use of the most harmful pesticides for the environment.
Today more than ever, it is necessary to adopt systems for agri-food production that protect human health and the environment. Pesticides and herbicides, used mainly to optimize production and meet global food demand, are often dangerous environmental pollutants, with negative effects on water quality, air quality, biodiversity and human health.
The Agroecology Bill was born with these premises and has the objective of starting an agroecological conversion of national agriculture, capable of ensuring agri-food production in line with the European indications relating to the Green Deal and the ‘Farm to Fork’, of respect for the environment, the health and the rights of farmers and consumers, among other things, by prohibiting the use of the most polluting pesticides.
The text was the result of a fruitful collaboration with the ARS deputy Valentina Palmeri and with the agronomist Guido Bissanti, expert in agroecological and environmental matters, capitalizing on the complex work carried out in recent years by the Agroecology Coordination.

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