Virtuous policies – proposal for Horizon 2020

The work carried out by the Agroecology Coordination, in particular for the proposal of the Rural Energy Plan of Sicily and the path that led to the law on Agroecology of the Sicilian Region and the subsequent implementation steps, was taken as an example and model of virtuous policies for a proposal from Horizon Europe, entitled INCITE-DEM, in response to a call for proposals from the Reshaping democracies call.
Recall that INCITE-DEM is a project that aims to improve inclusive participation and civic engagement, expanding democratic innovation and dynamic feedback mechanisms between citizens and institutional actors in representative democracies.
The proposal is led by the FCiencias.ID Association of Lisbon, with European partners, including Kyoto Club for Italy. The Kyoto Club is a non-profit organisation, created in February 1999, made up of companies, bodies, associations and local administrations, committed to achieving the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions undertaken with the Kyoto Protocol, with the decisions at EU level and with the Paris Agreement of December 2015.
This recognition gives the Agroecology Coordination greater responsibility.
The Agroecology Coordination of Sicily, with this recognition, places itself among the main actors in the governance of regional, national and European policies, in favor of a cultural change, without which neither society nor politics can resolve the new social and socio-economic paradigm -economic.

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