Appeal Use of Glyphosate Syracuse

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination has learned from online photos and reports from some citizens that on 8 November 2023 a weed control operation was carried out in the area of the town center of Syracuse, based on glyphosate, thus contravening the specifications for the use of the produced in inhabited areas.
Please remember that the product accompanying sheet specifies the areas of use, which obviously do not include use in residential areas and other areas frequented by the population.
Beyond the negative repercussions on the health of citizens, operators and ecological systems, in the use of this product (and its metabolites) we remind you, in this regard, that the use of of glysophate-based products in inhabited areas, due to the serious damage it can have on the health not only of humans but also of animals.
For this reason, the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination, signed by its president, has pre-arranged a complaint which will be filed with the Carabinieri Command of Syracuse, asking the Carabinieri Command to verify what appears from the attached documents and, in the event that third party responsibilities emerge , demanding that they be identified and the president reserving the right to join as a civil party in the manner and terms of the law.

It was also presented complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Ordinary Court of Syracuse on 12/17/2023.

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