L.R. Guidelines 21 of 2021 – Agroecology

The Sicily Agroecology Coordination is the working group that, since 2017, has followed and developed the text of the Legislative Decree no. 533 of 02 April 2019 – XVII Legislature of the Sicilian Region on: “Actions to defend health, the ecosystem, biodiversity and the quality of Sicilian agricultural products”. This bill was then approved as law in 2021 with the L.R. 21 of 29 July 2021 concerning “Provisions on agroecology, protection of biodiversity and Sicilian agricultural products and technological innovation in agriculture. Rules regarding maritime state concessions”.
The L.R. 21 of 2021, among the various articles, establishes the status of Agroecological Company.
In particular, the art. 7 of the law defines the characteristics for becoming an Agroecological Company, referring the implementation methods of this article to the subsequent decree of the Regional Councilor for Agriculture.
While waiting for the Councilor to issue the implementing decree, which among other things allows, from the entry into force of this law, to recognize a reward for Agroecological Companies within the resources of the PSR (art. 8), the Sicilian Agroecology Coordination , in accordance with the provisions of the Law, has drawn up the Guidelines to allow Sicilian companies to implement agroecological conversion.
These guidelines, without prejudice to the recognition of rewards within the PSR resources, which can only be sanctioned after the signature of the councilor’s decree, allow the transition to the agroecological model of Sicilian agricultural companies to be speeded up.
They are listed below in order:
Application Guidelines L.R. 21-2021;
Attachment A List of native species and breeds;
Annex B – Technical Expertise;
Annex C – Table Annex Art. 7.
The following Guidelines and Attachments therefore allow the correct method of acquiring the status of Agroecological Company, pursuant to Regional Law. 21/2021 of the Sicilian Region.
The List of native species and breeds will be updated periodically. Reporting of native species and breeds, officially recognized as such, must be forwarded to: coord.agroecologia@libero.it.
To consult the Agroecology Law of the Sicilian Region just visit following article.
Various researchers and technicians contributed to the drafting of the Guidelines and are cited in the final part of the Guidelines.

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