Measures in the fight against mosquitoes

The Sicilian Agroecology Coordination has also played an important role against the indiscriminate use of pesticides, also in the fight against mosquitoes in urban environments.
In fact, to combat the excessive presence of mosquitoes, public administrations, private companies and individual citizens often carry out repeated pesticide interventions, pouring large quantities of pesticides into the environment.
Let us remember that the diffusion of large quantities of synthetic chemical substances and the consequent contamination of ecosystems has drastically reduced the populations of mosquito predators (bats, insectivorous birds, dragonflies, geckos) with the paradoxical result of an ever-increasing presence of mosquitoes and other annoying parasites.
However, mosquitoes, including the recently imported tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus Skuse, 1894), do not represent a mortal danger in Italy, while generalized pollution from insecticides sprayed or scattered in the environment, not yet taken into due consideration, brings consequences both on natural environments and on humans in the short, medium and long term and should be avoided in favor of preventive and localized measures.
Beyond all the scientific, technical and health considerations supporting this issue, which is attached Technical data sheet Pyrethroids, the Agroecology Coordination has promoted a concerted activity with various organizations and associations to prepare a series of requests, both at some Public Prosecutor’s Offices and some Local Authorities.
The aforementioned activity has led to the stipulation of a Program Agreement which will be signed, preliminarily by some Municipal Administrations, to which, it is hoped, many others should gradually be added.
The entire activity was followed under the supervision of the lawyer. Rosario Privitera, who also took an active part in the connection with some local administrations, and the collaboration of Gianni Samperi, whom we thank.
It is attached l’Agreement for use of insecticides in question.

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